Where is the Bay Limestone Challenge and how do I get there? View our travel page for information and useful links

Is it a race? No, it is not a race - you can run as fast or as slow as you want, or you can even walk all the way. Your time is recorded on the Roll of Honour

Are there any rules? Yes: notify us before hand of your attempt -  follow the specified route - record your time or use a tracker - raise some money for charity (see fundraising) and follow our code of conduct

How much does it cost? It is free - all you have to do is provide proof of your fundraising

What is a solo round? To qualify for a solo round you don't have to run alone, all you need to do is run/walk the complete route from Kents Bank to Arnside. You can run with someone else the whole way (two solo rounds) or have support runners (please just a max of 3 support runners) along any section you want. 

How long will it take me? A good ultra runner may average over 5mph, but around 12 to 15 hours is a reasonable target tme for runners with some experience at this sort of distance. Relay teams may like to target a sub ten hour time! Click here for a 12 hour schedule

Whats the hardest bit of the route? Probably the toughest section is the route finding at Cringlebarriow and also Heald Brow - small summit cairns hidden away and seldom visited. They are worth checking in advance as you MUST vist the cairns, just being in the general area is not enough. It is part of the challenge

Who set this up? The Bay Limestone Round is the creation of Tom Phillips, a resident of Arnside & member of Dallam Running Club, Tom loves exploring these hills along with his partner Penny Attwood and their collie dog Bud.

Do I need insurance? Not specifically, but it may be useful to consider sports insurance. You undertake this challenge at your own risk.

Can I run it with friends or in a group? Yes, if running the complete circuit as an individual (solo) you can have support runners all the way or just on sections. Please try to limit car travel, and keep your support group to a maximum of three runners at any one time. If you are running it as a relay you can run with someone else, but there can only be one qualifying runner per leg, to be named in advance.

How do I prove I did it? Send us a link to GPS trace such as Strava or Garmin (you may well need more than one device to record the full round). Or take a photo of your watch at every summit. Or run with one or more people who will sign a timesheet at each summit. We trust people not to cheat!

What are the hazards? The main hazards are the road crossings - these are noted in the full description. Running in the dark has many hazards, so to avoid this start as early as you can. There are rocky areas, steep slopes and also some very big cliffs without fences.

How much is on road? We have measured the sections on lanes - they total 8.6 miles. Which sounds a lot - but over that distance it is actually very lttle. There are only two sections that are over a mile long, both in the first half, and they are both down hill so you won't be on them for that long. About 10% of your time will be on lanes

What kit do I need? Please see our code of conduct which also specifies the kit you should take

Do I have to follow the route you specify? Yes! Please stick to our route as close as possible to avoid hazards and protect the environment, it has been very carefully planned to avoid busy roads and loose paths that could be eroded.  There are some sections of open access land where you can follow your own line between the extrance and exit points. You will not be disqualified if you go slightly wrong. The most important thing is your safetly, so if you need to adjust the route to stay safe them of course this is fine.

Will someone meet us at the start or finish? Members of Dallam club may well meet you en-route, and hopefully there will be someone to cheer you in at the finish as well, (but we can't promise)

What happens if I don't finish - can I try again? Yes - you can have as many goes as you want, you don't have to raise money each time. The solo round is not an easy challenge, we don't expect everyone to complete it first time.