It is useful to provide your friends and supporters with tracking information. You don't have to of course but people will enjoy watching your progress, and it helps raise more money.

Here are some options:

GPS Tracker with Tracking Map for friends to watch your progress

Events Tracking offer a good value solution with maps for people to follow your progress and timed arrival on all summits and checkpoints. They also donate to our fundraising £3 per tracker hire each time a tracker is used for our round. 

We have one of their trackers on permamant loan, so you can arrange to use that one if it is available, this saves the cost and bother of postage - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Just select the OS mapping option and put Bay Limestone Round in the "Details About Your Event" box

Cost is £19.45 plus return postage.

All you have to do is start your tracker at Kents Bank and fasten it securely to your pack and it will track your progress along the whole route.

if you change your start time there is a number to text - this ensures your average speed and estimated arrival times at summits and checkpoints are accurate.

Please follow the instructions here

Mobile phone - cheap or free

You can share your location with google maps on android or iphone - or on iphone you can share like this.

We like the Wikiloc app on iphone or android as it also shows your route and the distance you have covvered. You have to pay about £7 for a years subsription, but this will also give you GPS guidance and tell you if you are off route. You can follow our Wikiloc route here. You can also save the mapping offline before you start (for the whole of the UK)

1) Load the route before you start and click "Follow Trail"

2) In the top left of the app click on the "live tracking" link and share the tracking link

3) When you are at Kents Bank you can click the "start following" button and it will start the recording and tracking. The tracker will update when you have a mobile data connection

4) Ensure that you have mobile data turned on!

5) An added bonus is that Wikiloc will signal to you if it thinks you are off route.

Make sure you have at least one battery booster pack with you as the tracker will drain the battery quite quickly! You will need to charge on the go so work out how you are going to store the battery and cable. Its worth practising beforehand!

Garmin also have a livetracking feature - click here

Strava have a tracking system - but only for up to three people to view - click here

Other Commercial trackers -  also use OS maps and offer a good service.

Whatever you use be sure to have backup plan relying on estimated time sheets or photographing your watch/time at each summit