We have a tracker "on loan" from Events Tracking which saves postage costs.

First check with us if it is available.- email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Then you need to arange pickup frok Arnside (availability and pickup will depend partly on other people using the tracker. before your attempt)

Then go to


Put in your details, event is "Bay Limestonme Round"

Select "pick up from event"

Price is £15 (but £3 is donated to our charities).

Richard will email your a weblink that you can share with your supporters and followers.


Try to make sure the tracker has best chance of picking up signals - on a race vest on the shoulder is ideal. Otherwise in the top pocket of a bum bag or pack

The 3 lights and QR code should be facing up/outwards.

On the back is a sticker pointing to the power button (on the top side). Hold power for 3 seconds to turn on. All lights will come on and start to flash, that is it. After 5 mins it will send its first location update.

To power off, hold power again for 3 seconds, and a red light will come on and stay on for up to 2 mins, then all lights will go out. It is then off.

If for any reason you need to restart the tracker, then follow that process above.

The button on the front of the device is SOS. If you share a mobile phone number, that phone will get an SMS if someone pushes the SOS.

If you want to know more about the tracking interface features. Watch this video

If your tracker fails to update for any length of time during your run hold the power button for 3 seconds - let the device power down (may take a minute or two as it tries to send data out). Then power up again by holiding the power button for 3 seconds

If you still run into problems phone the number on the back of the tracker for further advice.